Slider-gap trading

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How Do I Start?

Join our trading hub  , where we share our knowledge and trade the markets using out gap trading method, watch us trade LIVE, feel free to ask any questions. We start daily at 8:45AM.

What’s Next?

We recommend you to start practicing your trading skills on a simulator , this way you will not lose money while trying to learn and follow our method. This is good for traders with some experience and best for novice traders.

Knowledge Is Power?

We want to teach you how we do it, what is a good gap to trade, what is a perfect setup looks like. If trading for living is something you’re looking to do, than education is something is something you must have, choose the right gap trading course that suits you the most (link). If you are not sure which one is the right one for you please call us or send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible? Consultation is 100% free!

Practice Makes Perfect!

After getting the proper education we still want you to use the simulator and practice what you learned, also keep following our trading hub activity and daily routine, there is no point for you to trade real money before you can prove yourself you can do it on a simulator account (you will have access to daily/monthly reports).

Trade For A Living!

Fund your live account and start trading for a living, set a goal to 100$ a day, 200$ or any number, it doesn’t change anything – you have a proven system that works for you, setups stays the same.


I want to thank you for the privilege of meeting amazing professional teachers like you when i came to you i was very sadly a desperate and frustrated after so large losses i thought it was a dream to make money on the stock market But you just showed me otherwise after the course i have done with you i have to say a few things You did me a great job bringing positive results into my account Yaniv , the courteous treatment i received from you , you always provide immediate solutions patience and how you handle crises is admirable you are really a life saver for me difficult to describe what passes through my heart you gave me the feeling that there’s always someone with me and i’m not alone, I strongly recommends about you

Live Support

Our Consulting services offer a free session to talk about what we can do for your trading career.
There is no commitment and no risk.