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G6 Trading has developed a long last strategy on stocks with gaps at the open. Gaping stocks are ones that their opening price is higher or lower significantly from the previous day close. Come and learn a strategy that really works

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Consistent education is the key to a successful trading career. Learn the G6 method and develop the skills to take your trading to the next level.
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Why Most Day Traders Fail?

Trading Career With G6Trading

Trading Career With g6Trading

G6Trading LTD is a leader in online day trading education and services, giving the opportunity to stock market day traders to go beyond just surviving in today’s volatile markets. We offer our traders education with our exclusive gap trading seminar and one on one coaching/mentoring. By focusing on the right things such as integrity, respect and teamwork G6Trading is able to exceed all industry standards!

Unlike other day trading education firms G6Trading is committed to your success.

If you have a desire to build a day trading career and to take control of your own destiny, G6Trading helps you take control of your trading by giving you the best in-depth education and consistent hands-on training to help you succeed. Our training covers everything from the basics to advanced day trading, helping all traders grow with the ever changing market.

Day Trading Gap Seminar

In G6Trading we are a home to a team of professional traders with years of experience trading. We aim to help traders make more money by providing elite training, premier technology reviews, intelligent risk management tools and a highly professional, value added environment. Using our trading strategies, we provides day traders, whether a beginner or an experienced trader, with the tools needed to succeed.

Those Guys Yaniv & Ran, I have a lot of respect for Them. They have a very unique ways of running things and does not “constantly” promote any annoying products, not that he has any as of now. What I like most about them is they have a lot of patience to answer novice questions. They will answer anything stupid and if someone in the seminar makes fun of that particular newbie, they would say “Hey we are all newbie at one time”. Those guys hides nothing and I highly recommend their gap seminar, it’s hilarious. It’s very educational, even if you’re a veteran trader the seminar will keep you up to date of which stocks are on the move. Also I have open an account through G6T, I’ve really enjoyed this in general. I’ve had conversations in the past dealing with not so great prop firms, but these guys are quick to help and manage my trades with me. Simple overviews, platforms are perfect, good service.

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